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Jack is the only out and active bi character I have ever seen on TV who we have watched actually BE attracted to both sexes (rather than just saying “I’m Bi” but showing no indication of it).And though the show has come to the US, the producers don’t intend to change this, which is a big step forward for American television.At this point, I’m excited about the show but not sold that it will be able to hold on. Illness, disease, accidents left a person on the brink of death, but they could never pass that point.

My only issue with the pilot is that I don’t believe the way Jack and Gwen were forced to come to the US. The US can’t extradite British citizens (so Gwen in this case because Jack actually is American) or even their own citizens at a whim. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see where this season goes.

The show has really hit its stride with these season-long arcs (instead of the original case of the week issues).

They have to work with their biggest rivals (using the terms biggest and rival mildly loosely) in order to do it.

The Partners: Adam King- Chris “CT” Tamburello: These two have disliked each other since their Real World season. (CT was disqualified from a prior challenge for punching Adam.) Brandon Nelson- Ty Ruff: Their rivalry is on the weak side.

For me, this adds an element of believability and realism that most doctor and therapist shows are lacking (clearly In Treatment is an exception to this too). Dani is played by Callie Thorne who is mostly charming.