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However, the way we first met Tran may not be the way we remember her. I knew that Mykonos was a Greek island but never knew how to pronounce it properly. ' I’m more than a little embarrassed when she says 'Greece.' But Tran laughs with me and says, “It’s okay, girl! Spending time with Tran is full of little moments of affirmation and compassion."Any time that I'm out of town, you do a self tape where you record yourself and send it…

Still dealing with the aftermath of a relationship that was certainly less than ideal, Tran is playing the hand she was dealt. People are in and out."In what ways do you identify with your character Virginia? For some reason (I was going home in like a day or two) I said, 'Can you please ask them if I can come in.' I hate self tapes.

May 2009Like the opening scene in a romantic comedy, Drake and Rihanna’s meet-cute reportedly happened at a bowling alley.

The two were spotted getting cozy at Lucky Strike in New York, just a few months after Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown ended.

Which is a great feeling because a lot of things that I've done, or other roles, have been... It was the first time going in for an audition and nailing it without anyone caring about followers or background. It's a great feeling."You've gained a following from your personal life, and it hasn't always been great. I can't worry about all that extra stuff because at the end of the day that's not going to pay my bills. I have to make sure that when I'm on set, this is where my mind is. I know that my friends and I are really inspired by you. Life is growing and getting over these bumps and having problems, situations, and learning from them and progressing. Nothing is perfect."It's crazy because sometimes I have these talks sometimes with myself where it's just like, 'Girl, what?