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The 40-year-old singer-songwriter has been mesmerizing ears (and hearts) since her soul-storm of a voice debuted in the mid-'90s.After a particularly rough bout with alcoholism and mental issues (also part of the above description), she returns this fall with just released a fantastic profile on Cat Power, in which the writer, Hermione Hoby (so British, right?

Maybe somebody else doesn't agree but that's not my problem... " She Melts Hearts Again, Again & Again: "I wonder whether not having love is a perverse sort of blessing, in terms of yielding songs such as these," writes Hoby. Rods of water begin hammering the surface of the pool, but Marshall can't be persuaded indoors.

She told the music blog as part of an interview, published on June 18, 2012, to promote the album: 'The timing couldn't have been more distracting, to say the least.

The group were booked for a show and had to come up with a name quickly, when a man walked through the door of the pizzeria where Marshall worked, wearing a Caterpillar trucker cap that read: "Cat Diesel Power".

Marshall immediately decided on Cat Power as the name of the band.

' in the background before Iggy Pop joins her in the refrain: 'The world is just beginning.'"Marshall's New Life Motto Is Inspiring: "[I have been] empowering myself to realize that no other human, no matter who it is, can invalidate my way of thinking. I always thought I was going to pass away or whatever... I want to keep [she drops her head and claps her hands twice above her in the air, smartly, like she's sealing a spell] living."She Still Melts Rocker Dudes' Hearts: Writes Hoby, "She once said that all creativity comes from a place where we don't have love and she's standing by that. ' So if she had to choose between never writing a song again and… It's about him blowing his head off.'"And One Last Romantic Blow to the Heart Just Because: Hoby and Marshall are poolside, drinking tequila and Nina Simone is on the radio singing, "For we're creatures of the wind ...