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Most importantly, he winks at the camera while his smile literally sparkles.

A gardener like this would make local housewives a lot more desperate.

The commercial is for Optimum’s triple play plan (television, internet, and voice).

Brett appears briefly, wearing a wifebeater, at the moment that the jingle extols Optimum Voice and suggests “call the boys.” He portrays a gardener, using hedge clippers on a topiary shaped as a “29.95″ (the monthly price of the plan component).

so far - one example being when she gave model Jack Revell the cold shoulder.

She was annoyed with the dating experts for setting her up with Jack, saying that models always want to sell their story at the first opportunity… After being rejected by the He added: "To be honest, it's a shame she didn't give me the opportunity. "I don't know if she's doing this show just for publicity. #loser."Jack backed up the rumours, saying: "I think there is definitely some truth to those stories.

It’s kind of fun to follow the career of someone you admire.