Bipolar sex

During a depressive episode, the person feels very sad, hopeless, empty, and tired.They have abnormal sleep and eating patterns, have low energy, and sometimes contemplate suicide.During a manic episode, the person feels restless, energized, and agitated.

How Bipolar Enters Into All This Where you find love you will find dopamine.

Dopamine is vital to mental alertness, cognition, motivation, not to mention feelings of pleasure, high energy, anticipation, and gratification. But crank up the dopamine and we get anxious, paranoid, manic, over-energetic, and addictive. Tamp down the levels and we are depressed, lethargic, and indifferent.

Depression can also lead to sexual difficulties, including erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation in men.

On the other hand, some people may turn towards sexual activities as a way to help dull the pain, just as many others turn to drugs or alcohol.

One thing the brain science is emphasizing loud and clear is that our reason guides us far less than we think. What we are learning is that the cortical (thinking) areas of our brain need input from the limbic (emotional) areas of the brain in order to figure things out.

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