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If you dont know what videocard you've got, you can find it in the 3rd tab. If it CTDs on all sticks, then you definately need to test your memory. That is because every 60 seconds, Vista looks to see if there is a stronger wireless connection that it can connect to.

Game freeze & Audio corruption Ensure your audio drivers are up-to-date. If it still CTDs, swap the RAM stick over for another and re-test. If you are on Vista and you are using wireless, you will get a lag spike every 60 seconds.

Once there goto "set affinty" and when this come's up make sure that the only thing checked is cpu0 make sure all others are unchecked, then play with out getting kicked for some reason. Now do Ctrl Alt Del to bring up task manager, and end ALL processes started by you the user EXCEPT taskmanager and explorer. I'm back gaming with BFBC2 after a long while away from the BF online scene.

Another free memory tester MEM386: kicked from game's after anything from 2mins to 1hr? What you need to do is load the game up 'til your in the options start up page then alt tab out, ctrl alt del to bring up your task manager, then goto processes and right click on the bf2142 Disable the popup blocker and slide the privacy bar down to minimum. I will add to the list of common problem fixes as I find them - please PM me if you know of one that you think should be added to the list.

Use a rewritable so you can wipe it again, or use the floppy download.