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Eventually, these hybrids were given to Jean Sudgen Mill because of Centerwall's illness.At the same time, Bill Engler wanted to preserve the exotic cats' genes by breeding them with house cats.

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Her plan was not to keep the breed as a hybrid, but to domesticate these cats by breeding them further with each other.

Greg and Elizabeth Kent were also early breeders, who developed their own line of Bengals using ALCs and Egyptian Maus.

The Bengal cat is usually either classed as brown-spotted or snow-spotted (although there are more colours, brown and snow are the only colours of Bengal that the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (UK) recognise).

Within brown Bengals, there are either marble or spotted markings.

The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to look like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards.