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Online services such as Compu Serve and GEnie provided archives of files, access to data, and discussion fora where personal computer users with a subscription and modem could meet, communicate, and exchange files.

Computer bulletin board systems, Fido Net, and UUCP/USENET store and forward mail and news systems decentralised communication among personal computer users, culminating in the explosive growth of individual Internet access in the latter part of the 1990s. Individuals, all over the globe, were empowered to create and exchange information of all kinds, spontaneously form virtual communities, and do so in a totally decentralised manner, free of any kind of restrictions or regulations (other than already-defined criminal activity, which is governed by the same laws whether committed with or without the aid of a computer).

Sites or applications that do not use trusted certificates generate browser warnings that scare away users and web site visitors.

Google’s Chrome team said that Symantec has not upheld its responsibilities as a root certificate authority, forcing its hand.

In all, the company says it has identified “at least 30,000” certificates issued over a period spanning several years that were improperly issued or validated.