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The company’s product analyzes the way social media users feel regarding different bodies and organizations, including the state itself.Shlomi Amber, a senior executive at the company who is responsible for technological development, confirmed that the company works with the IDF and other bodies in the security services.

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Fictitious profiles According to the employee, several of the monitoring companies create fictitious profiles as a tracking technique.

These profiles connect with specific individuals that the system wants to monitor.

In 2014, 43 veterans from the elite Unit 8200 signed a protest letter decrying the signals intelligence unit’s abusive gathering of Palestinians’ private information, including on demonstrations, sexual orientation, financial status and anything else that would aid them in blackmailing or pressuring the population to collaborate.

The goal is, in the army’s words, to “sear the consciousness” of the subjects of Israel’s military regime.

It must be stated that these companies are not tracking individuals suspected of any crimes, but rather in the widespread gathering of all public data available in Israel, which isn’t limited solely to posts published on social media platforms.