Andre 3000 dating erykah badu

Her 11-track mixtape plays with phone verbiage, including a remix of the insanely popular “Hotline Bling.” The project in its entirety is available for stream and download via i Tunes now, and other providers on December 4.At least until December 4 fans can expect to continue to be bombarded by everything Erykah, and honestly, we can't get enough of her out of this world style.

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André 3000 is exploring a new frontier in 2016: television.

The Out Kast rapper joins the cast of the John Ridley-directed drama “American Crime,” whose second season premieres tonight on ABC.

The remaining verses are the duo’s version of The Isley Brothers‘ 1974 song “Hello It’s Me.” The song was originally recorded by rock singer Todd Rundgren in 1972.

“Hello” gives us André’s first verse of 2015, and only his fourth since 2012.

It turns out Andre 3000 didn't have to apologise a thousand times after making Ms.