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on Status=Red, Object Type=INSTANCE, Object Name=NED~ABAP~eesldi44_NED_03, Moni Category=EXCEPTION, Alert Date=20150602, Alert Time=075722, Alert Sev=5, 2.

MAImon critical alert 'Not Enough Batch Resources' for SAP system SID instance DVEBMGSxx on host hostname has been detected by SAP Sol Man NED on hostname Status=Red, Object Type=INSTANCE, Object Name=EEQ~ABAP~kftsapeeq01_EEQ_00, Moni Category=PERFORM, Alert Date=20150602, Alert Time=090917, Alert Sev=3, Metrics={Metric=Background3.

I'm using the javascript bellow on conditions and it works great. Parsing Jason files is sometimes confusing as they look similarto one's you may have done before but they are not all handled the same way when tryingto get the data fields from the string.

I tested with a city that actually has an alert listed. j Query(document).ready(function ($) ); Try This var Alert Type = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['wtype_meteoalarm_name']; var Alert Description = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['description']; var Alert Date = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['date']; var Alert Expires = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['expires']; var Alert Message = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['message']; var level_meteoalarm_description = parsed_json['alerts']['1']['level_meteoalarm_description']; I would like to clarify how the Alerts API works for users that don’t have a lot of programming experience.

This is a good example on parsing the data. Key Number/alerts/q/NY/This request returned the following Jason object to the user.