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“She never walked, she always skipped,” Jamile, who now lives in Pakistan, told me. We had to take an Algerian judge with us to her house. agents, or that they’ll get in trouble if they talk to us.”Ahmad, who really is a U. agent, says that she also struggles to cultivate foreign witnesses. We’re a government engaged in sovereign relations with a foreign government, and in deference to them.”Ahmad pursued the Cheibani case because, she said, it seemed both important and feasible. “It’s not like we’re going around West Africa trying to charge everybody who supports A. As Ahmad worked toward an extradition, her diplomatic skills were at full stretch. “I thought Taylor Swift was just trendy and beneath notice until I heard Zainab sing ‘Blank Space’ there with her cop friend Ed.” On cross-examination, Ahmad admitted that her signature karaoke tune is “Manic Monday,” as interpreted by the Bangles.

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Nasrin, a tall, smiling woman in her fifties, is the town clerk of Hempstead, which has a population of eight hundred thousand. You’re not after the person, you’re after the truth.’ ”When Ahmad joined the Eastern District, in 2008, she first worked on Brooklyn and Staten Island gang cases, but soon found herself drafted into a terrorism investigation that centered on a plot to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at John F. The plotters, one of them a former baggage handler, were a motley quartet from Guyana and Trinidad, and the case led to both Iran and Al Qaeda. We couldn’t let him get away.”At the trial of Kadir and Defreitas, in 2010, Miller assigned Ahmad to make the closing argument. “She’s so offhand about it,” the freelance writer said.

She is the first elected official of South Asian extraction in New York State. “You start following a disgruntled baggage handler, a guy who’s mouthing off in Queens,” Ahmad said. She knew the case thoroughly, and had shown poise and fluency in court. has in some ways overtaken its traditional rival, the Southern District, which is based in Manhattan. “She doesn’t let her work hang over her like a pall.

Visits to Pakistan were an adventure—she had dashing, rowdy cousins—but England was often a shock. “My cousins, no matter how successful or well educated, were never going to be accepted as British. In 1977, the couple moved to New York, where Zainab was born three years later. Her house in Niger had been searched in the initial investigation. “We got a lot of pushback from the Embassy on that trip,” Ahmad said. I remember an official in Niger saying, ‘I really hope my country will do what you’re doing if something happens to me.’ ”Cheibani’s home town of policemen who had originally arrested Cheibani had fled south, and she found them outside the capital, Bamako. She I first met her at a rooftop barbecue in the Village.

Naeem managed a restaurant in midtown and later helped run a construction firm. We tried to be the guy you wanted to go out for a drink with. “I felt strongly that we should go, and not ask for the witnesses to come to Algiers. They told her that Cheibani had spoken freely about his crime, and that they had found parts of Bultemeier’s vehicle—a bumper, a luggage rack—in a search of his house. Ahmad arranged for the policemen to come to Brooklyn and appear before a federal grand jury, and in June, 2013, the jury returned a sealed indictment. He looked much older than his photos, like he’d led a hard life. The mosque I went to as a kid was in Queens, and it drew people from all over Brooklyn, Long Island, the Bronx—cabdrivers, truck drivers, regular working-class people. When I look at these Brooklyn juries, I see the people I grew up around.”Ahmad lives downtown, in an apartment that looks out on East Fourteenth Street. She’s an elegant woman, who had worked as a computer programmer at an insurance company in midtown for many years. It was dark, but it was like she was sunny—I can’t think of a better word for it.

The letter referred, specifically, to several extraditions that Ahmad was involved in. has a promising investigation, it becomes like a client shopping for a lawyer. As Ahmad began travelling in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and began winning significant convictions, her stock at the F. When Ahmad revived the case of William Bultemeier’s murder, in West Africa, David Bitkower, her supervisor, had doubts.