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So began the partnership between community associations and Park Board.

Seventy years ago, “the seed and initial push came from a handful of local community-minded people who, in 1944, conceived of the idea that became the spark that ignited the community center movement for all of Greater Vancouver.” And that movement started right here in Marpole.

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Saturday November 4, pm-pm In this workshop, you’ll make effective sunscreen using all natural ingredients. Check out our Interactive Recreation Guide To make registration easy we have created interactive links for each program. To learn more about our seniors’ programs, email us at [email protected] parents with 4 year olds who want their child to experience play-based learning in a safe, caring environment.

All supplies, a recipe and resource sheet are included. Our waitlist for 2017-2018 enrollment is now available to the parents of children who will be three or four years of age as of Marpole Preschool provides a play-based program that implements emergent curriculum inspired by Reggio Emilia preschools in Italy.

The Association continues to be committed to returning a percentage of any net income back to the Community in the form of new equipment for the building and other needs.

Those needs are being identified and reviewed prior to investment.

As I reported earlier, the financial performance of the Community Centre has been largely on par with last year which was a solid year for MOCA.