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A number of well-tried algorithms for crossdating and normalization are available, among others Baillie-Pilcher and Besanon index E.We usually look at several methods simultaneously and require a high score from all of them to accept a match.Hollstein Validated Extended (see references), 1565 years long and dated to AD 1974, shows a corr.

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For the first millennium BC and the first centuries AD we have about the same mixture of quite long validated masters.

Our floating Late BC crossdates convincingly towards the European Roman time complex.

When building site collections, samples shorter than 100 years, with an overlap less than 70 years, or with a t-value less than 6 are generally excluded.

(When it comes to archaeological wood, this is of better known origin than a trunc from a bog, but it is generally shorter in length.

We compared a number of recent oak masters with each other and with the combined pine masters from Finland and Sweden (Scandinavian Pine Abs).