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To be allowed this privilege, a slave must prove his worth.

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If you only you could see me from behind, my long legs wrapped in thigh high stocking, my sexy leather pressed upon my beautiful body. As you succumb to the sting of its licks, you will learn to worship me, idolize me, obey me, love me! I breathe into you my want, my will, and with every slash I lay upon your open back I make you mine. When he leaves my presence and crawls back to his slave duties, he will ache, and it will because I marked his body and his soul.

The pain of my heavy leather whip, is good for you slave. They have no choice when They're in my grasp, I determine their fate, and they always leave bleeding.

By the time she's done with him he will be marked up mess. You're not leaving here without taking your stripes. Starring Domina Illsa Runtime : 6min 44s File Size : 896 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a special gift to my many slaves and admirers, I am offering this 33 minute collectors item video for HALF PRICE (reg.

price $33.99) The Goddess Katamura in my infinite wisdom, Ive decided to release this compilation of my most extreme whipping scenes as a blessing to my slaves and pain sluts of the world .

Starring Empress Jeun Runtime : 6min 16s File Size : 875 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I whip purely for enjoyment. For some reason, Im just not happy unless My many slaves have some kind of wound to their backside... But the thuds and smacks coming from a cruel Goddess such as yours truly can is more than a lowly slave ever deserves, so he will gratefully take what he gets.