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It may take up to three (3) business days to process your payment and update the court record and five (5) business days to update Ministry of Transportation records.

If your drivers license is suspended or your vehicle plate renewal has been denied, there will be a delay (i.e.

If you are not sure if the fine you would like to pay online was issued in Toronto, you can check the four digit number in the upper left corner of the yellow ticket you received. If you do not have this you may be asked to download and install the latest version on your browser.

If one of the following numbers -- 4860, 4862, 4863 or 4866 - is there then you can pay the fine on this site. Yes, defaulted POA fines - fines that are past their due date - can be paid online. Forms of payment that can be used for online payments are: valid VISA, Master Card, and American Express. What measures has the City of Toronto taken to ensure the safety of my personal information?

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